Strategic, proactive media relations results in positive media coverage for clients!

Media Coverage for Soulidifly:

Boston Globe: In ‘1 Angry Black Man,’ lessons that extend very far beyond the classroom  ‘1 Angry Black Man’ opens an important discussion

MEAWW: ‘1 Angry Black Man’ a brilliant discourse on Black literature juxtaposed with systemic racial oppression

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘1 Angry Black Man’ more than its title

Bleu Life:  New Documentary ‘The Unity Ride’ Premieres Jan 16

Film Daily:  BK Fulton: Making Waves with Soulidifly and ‘Love Dot Com’

Richmond BizSense: Local firm joins streaming TV fray

Creative Content Wire: The Unity Ride

Richmond magazine: Sound and Vision

Film Daily: “The Unity Ride” is the most exciting documentary of the year

Richmond Free Press:  Soulidifly to launch free TV streaming service Feb. 14

Cinema Without Borders: “Hell on the Border”

Hollywood Monthly: BK Fulton: The steady rise of his “Soulidifly” universe

Serial Entrepreneur, Pat Hull:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Budding local nonprofits get mentoring and strategic help in new accelerator program

Style Weekly: Innovators:  Patrick Hull and Jeff Palumbo, co-founders of NPO Launchpad

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Local entrepreneurs acquire boat club at Rockett’s Landing, plan to expand fleet

Fox News Channel:  Soldiers may “wear” unhackable computers into combat

Real Clear Defense:  The Army’s Secure Wearable Combat Computers

Digital Engineering: Encrypted Sensors has programmed encryption on FPGA hardware chip

Journal of Cyber Policy: Hardware-based Security: From Theory to Practice  

Warrior Maven: Soldiers may “wear” new super secure computers into combat

Cyber Defense magazine:  Making Actual Private Networks a Reality

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Serial entrepreneur Pat Hull focuses on tech start-ups

Richmond BizSense: Donation fuels nonprofit’s next round of biz boosts

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Funding Local Potential

Richmond Times-Dispatch: For youth who aged out of foster care, laptops create possibilities

Media Coverage for PIASCIK:

New York Times: The Teddy Bear Test, and Other Ways to Pass a State Tax Audit

CNBC:  4 tips to protect yourself against tax return fraud this year

New York Times: When trading in Bitcoin, keep the tax man in mind

USA Today: Worried about getting a tax refund? When to hire a pro to do your taxes

New York Times: In pro athletes’ finances, a defensive line pays

Business Insider: 5 tax breaks you can’t get anywhere but the U.S.

Los Angeles Business Journal: Pro Athletes Add Up for Accountant

CNBC: What Bloomberg’s tax return might tell us – if we get to see it

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Henrico-based accounting firm Piascik is nation’s third fastest growing  Even pro athletes worry about retirement

Inside Public Accounting: CPA Finds His Groove in Uncommon Niche

New York Times: Players preparing for chance the checks will stop

Business Insider: CPA Steve Piascik discusses 7 tax strategies

Business Insider: CPA Steve Piascik names the 2 biggest financial mistakes rich people make

Media Coverage for DroneUp:

Unmanned Systems Technology: In Conversation: DroneUp’s Chief Technology Officer tells Peter Donaldson about the company’s app-based UAV services system  

DroneLife: The back of beyond: DroneUp’s search and rescue mission at Amboy Crater

Virginia Business: Company trains drone operators to keep the skies safe

Unmanned Airspace: “We have provided a short term, effective airspace management system”

Southside Daily: You don’t need a license to fly a drone, but there are safety issues. So here’s a free program

Unmanned Aerial: Firefighting vet Werner named DroneUp’s public safety chief

CoVaBiz: Small businesses with big ambition: DroneUp

Unmanned Aerial: DroneUp launches responsible community pilot program

Other client media coverage:

Honoring the ‘Contemplation of Freedom’

VUU: Teach Children Our History

Tennis League Expanding Into Richmond

Students keep learning after school lets out

Widening project aims to ease traffic

Road Widening Begins This Month

Cool Camaraderie

Winter Games start today

Ghost Writing / By-Lined Articles:

Making Actual Private Networks a Reality

Get in the Game: Business Management for Athletes

Prevent Childhood Obesity

Outsourcing is In

Export Tax Incentives Approved by Virginia General Assembly

Challenging Journey: Bon Secours nursing team returns after week-long mission trip to Haiti

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