Proactive media relations results in positive media coverage for clients.


CNBC, Jan. 30, 2023: After a tough year for crypto, here’s how to handle losses on your tax return

USA Today, Jan. 25, 2023: IRS may still owe you from 2020 taxes. Here’s why and what you need to do. 

Barron’s, Dec. 8, 2022: Tax-Savvy giving strategies to use before year-end

Marketwatch, Nov. 26, 2022: Opinion: ‘I’m worried about taking on a tax burden. Should I buy stock in a company that just laid me off?’

ThinkAdvisor, Nov. 4, 2022: Tax loss harvesting is easier with ETFs, but beware the wash sale rule

Barron’s, April 1, 2022:  It’s April and Your Taxes Are Due Soon. Don’t Bother Asking the IRS for Help. 

CNBC, Jan. 25, 2022:  ‘You’re playing with fire if you don’t report it.’ What happens if you don’t disclose crypto activity this tax season

Mansion Global, Dec. 23, 2021:  I’m Now Running a Business from my Greenwich, Connecticut, home. Are There Tax Implications? 

Yahoo! Finance, Sept. 29, 2021: Looming tax hikes are giving rich Americans ‘heartburn’ as they try to mitigate the hit

CNN, Feb. 11, 2021: How risky is it to buy a Tesla using Bitcoin?

Marketwatch, Feb. 11, 2021: Did you skip mortgage payments last year? Here’s what that means for your taxes

Axios, Nov. 2, 2020:  The Wealthy Rush to Shield Their Assets from Biden

US News & World Report, Dec. 26, 2019: The New American Opportunity Tax Credit: What to Know, How to Use It

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Nov. 26, 2019: Estate Taxes Could Hit the Not So Wealthy

New York Times, March 22, 2019: The Teddy Bear Test, and Other Ways to Pass a State Tax Audit

Media Coverage for The B Company (for PR agency clients):

Fanfare, March-April 2023: The Long and Winding Road from West Virginia to Abbey Road: A Conversation with Ed Bazel

Talk of the Town (WMSV – Nashville), Oct. 7, 2022:  Pianist Ed Bazel’s 3rd CD is called ‘The London Sessions: Reflections From Studio 2’ 

Acoustic Guitar, Aug. 21, 2022: A Visit to the Studio of Guitarist, Producer and Windham Hill Founder Will Ackerman

Vintage Guitar, August 2022: Will Ackerman: Acoustic Artisan

American Songwriter, January 2021: Shunia Delivers Heart-Lifting Chants for These Troubled Times

Making Music, January 2021: From Opera to Otherworldly Chant Music – The Evolution of Shunia

Music Interview, Jan. 8, 2021: Shunia – Music For a Fresh Start

Benzinga, May 12, 2021: New Age Founding Father Steven Halpern Releases New Weed-Inspired Album ‘Cannabis Dreams’

Fox 25 Oklahoma City, Feb. 19, 2021: OKC musician hopes her latest release can help others heal from COVID-19, other tragedy

Global Heart, Feb. 3, 2021: Shunia, the Spirit of Sacred Chant

The Leaf, May 13, 2021: Halpern channels ganja visions into latest album, Cannabis Dreams

OM Times “Voice Rising”, Jan. 18, 2021: Shunia – The Art of Sacred Chant

Tones & Drones, Feb. 19, 2021: With guest Lisa Reagan from Shunia


Office Hours with David Meltzer:  Interview with Entrepreneur BK Fulton

The Hype Magazine: Film Producer BK Fulton on Founding Soulidifly Productions

No Film School: How One Man Created An Indie Production Company

Boston Globe: In ‘1 Angry Black Man,’ lessons that extend very far beyond the classroom  ‘1 Angry Black Man’ opens an important discussion

MEAWW: ‘1 Angry Black Man’ a brilliant discourse on Black literature juxtaposed with systemic racial oppression

San Francisco Chronicle: ‘1 Angry Black Man’ more than its title

Bleu Life:  New Documentary ‘The Unity Ride’ Premieres Jan 16

Film Daily:  BK Fulton: Making Waves with Soulidifly and ‘Love Dot Com’

Richmond BizSense: Local firm joins streaming TV fray

Richmond magazine: Sound and Vision

Film Daily: “The Unity Ride” is the most exciting documentary of the year

Richmond Free Press:  Soulidifly to launch free TV streaming service Feb. 14

Cinema Without Borders: “Hell on the Border”

Hollywood Monthly: BK Fulton: The steady rise of his “Soulidifly” universe


Grit Daily:  Covintus gets ready to close applications for Winter 2022 accelerator program  Software firm Covintus is hosting a tech accelerator

Richmond Inno: How Covintus’ new Tech Tank Accelerator plans to help startups improve their tech strategy

Inside Business:  Virtual accelerator program looking for Hampton Roads tech startups

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Richmond software developer Covintus starts a new business accelerator for tech startups

Serial Entrepreneur, Pat Hull:

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Budding local nonprofits get mentoring and strategic help in new accelerator program

Style Weekly: Innovators:  Patrick Hull and Jeff Palumbo, co-founders of NPO Launchpad

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Local entrepreneurs acquire boat club at Rockett’s Landing, plan to expand fleet

Fox News Channel:  Soldiers may “wear” unhackable computers into combat

Real Clear Defense:  The Army’s Secure Wearable Combat Computers

Digital Engineering: Encrypted Sensors has programmed encryption on FPGA hardware chip

Journal of Cyber Policy: Hardware-based Security: From Theory to Practice  

Warrior Maven: Soldiers may “wear” new super secure computers into combat

Cyber Defense magazine:  Making Actual Private Networks a Reality

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Serial entrepreneur Pat Hull focuses on tech start-ups

Richmond BizSense: Donation fuels nonprofit’s next round of biz boosts

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Funding Local Potential

Richmond Times-Dispatch: For youth who aged out of foster care, laptops create possibilities


Unmanned Systems Technology: In Conversation: DroneUp’s Chief Technology Officer tells Peter Donaldson about the company’s app-based UAV services system  

DroneLife: The back of beyond: DroneUp’s search and rescue mission at Amboy Crater

Virginia Business: Company trains drone operators to keep the skies safe

Unmanned Airspace: “We have provided a short term, effective airspace management system”

Southside Daily: You don’t need a license to fly a drone, but there are safety issues. So here’s a free program

CoVaBiz: Small businesses with big ambition: DroneUp

Unmanned Aerial: DroneUp launches responsible community pilot program


Supply & Demand Chain Executive: Warehowz introduces direct-to-consumer solution

American Inno: Richmond-based Warehowz adds a direct-to-consumer solution 

Washington Business Journal:  Warehowz is using AI-powered tech to solve supply chain needs


On Brand podcast:  Passion Brands vs. Rational Brands with Mathew Evins

PR Daily: How to use digital tools to listen more closely to audiences

Other client media coverage:

Honoring the ‘Contemplation of Freedom’

VUU: Teach Children Our History

Tennis League Expanding Into Richmond

Students keep learning after school lets out

Road Widening Begins This Month

Cool Camaraderie

Winter Games start today

Ghost Writing / By-Lined Articles:

Taking the Clients for Life Approach

Tax Hikes are Looming in 2022. Is Your Company Ready?

Low Latency Encryption Will Secure the U.S. Electrical Grid

Making Actual Private Networks a Reality

Get in the Game: Business Management for Athletes

Prevent Childhood Obesity

Outsourcing is In

Export Tax Incentives Approved by Virginia General Assembly

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